The Netherlands deemed most connected country in the world

The Netherlands has come first in the DHL Global Connectedness Index (GCI), 2016. What exactly does connectedness mean in this global day and age?

According to DHL, "global connectedness refers to the depth and breadth of a country's integration with the rest of the world, as manifested by its participation in international flows of products and services, capital, information, and people." According to the GCI, globalisation has increased by eight percent since 2015. 

The GCI Index

The DHL Global Connectedness Index (GCI) is an annual study that aims to provide a detailed analysis of the world’s global connectedness. Its findings span from regional to cross-border flows of trade, capital, information, and people across 140 countries.

Each is then given a rank between zero and 100 according to various factors. These might include, the intensity of international flows in and out of the country, and then their distribution within the region. 

Top 10 Global Connectedness Index

The top 10 countries include: 
1. The Netherlands
2. Singapore
3. Ireland
4. Switzerland
5. Luxembourg
6. Belgium
7. Germany
8. United Kingdom
9. Denmark  
10. United Arab Emirates 

Why the Netherlands is at the top

The Netherlands, considered a gateway to the continent, gives companies grand access to the rest of Europe. From Amsterdam or the main port of Rotterdam, companies can reach 160 million consumers within 42 hours. In addition, the Netherlands has more distribution centres than all of its neighbours combined.

The GCI Globalisation hotspots

The Global Connectedness Index also included city hotspots with Amsterdam in at number five. These city rankings were considered micro studies of the index, meaning that they were ranked based on the most intensified international flow of trade, capital, people and information within the city itself.

Find out more about the study

A full report the DHL Global Connectedness Index (GCI), along with the Top 10 Globalisation Hotspots is available to download. To get connected fast, get in touch with DHL.

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