Need to file your US taxes as an Expat? It’s easy with Bright!Tax

Need to file your US taxes as an Expat? It’s easy with Bright!Tax


All Americans have to file US taxes, including those living abroad. Filing from abroad is more complicated though, as you need to file additional forms to claim credits and exemptions to reduce your US tax bill.

Let Bright!Tax know how they can help you

At Bright!Tax, they are leading experts at reducing your tax bill and making filing from overseas easy.

Whether you’re a professional, retiree, freelancer, entrepreneur or Digital Nomad, they’ll ensure that you are both compliant and filing to your optimum advantage.

Why choose Bright!Tax to file your expat taxes?

Bright!Tax is a leading, multi-award-winning provider of US tax services for Americans living overseas. Combining a one-on-one relationship with world-class, expat-specialist American CPAs with an intuitive and secure online portal, they make filing US taxes from abroad as an expat easy.

Whether you need to file a single year, catch up on missed past years, or have complex asset or business reporting requirements, they are here to help. Expat tax is all Bright!Tax does, and they are very good at it.

The people from Bright!Tax are expats too - their team members reside in over 30 countries - and they have American clients in over 200!

Working with Bright!Tax

Here is what you can expect when you work with Bright!Tax:

  • Filing your US tax return is quick, smooth, and easy
  • You’ll achieve your best outcome thanks to their CPAs’ expertise
  • They are always available, should you have any questions along the way

More reasons to choose Bright!Tax

Here are some more reasons as to why you should choose Bright!Tax to help you with your taxes:

  • They offer simple, reasonable flat fee pricing - no surprises
  • They have won five Global EMMA Awards for best expat tax provider and for innovation in financial services
  • Their online client portal was developed from scratch to be intuitive and responsive to your needs

How can Bright!Tax help you?

Let Bright!Tax help you out with the following:

Expat tax preparation

Bright!Tax caters to every American abroad's US federal (and state, if required) tax filing requirements, whether simple or highly complex

Foreign account (FBAR) reporting

They can also help you with FBAR, as well as asset (FATCA) and overseas business reporting.

Expat tax consultations

Bright!Tax can help with planning or strategising as you look ahead to your future abroad

Need to catch up?

Many Americans aren’t aware that they have to file from abroad. Bright!Tax is an expert at helping expats catch up, avoiding IRS penalties and back taxes.

Find out more

Find out more about Bright!Tax’ services and how they can help you via their website.



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