NCTV: Coronavirus leads to increased risk of extremist attack in the Netherlands

NCTV: Coronavirus leads to increased risk of extremist attack in the Netherlands

The Dutch counter-terrorism unit (NCTV) has warned in its quarterly threat assessment that, while there is no indication that an attack is imminent, there is nonetheless an increased risk of attack in the Netherlands from radicalised right-wing extremists. 

NCTV 53rd National Threat Assessment

The NCTV has identified a rise in the number of people online who threaten to take violent action. They highlight that there are many small fragmented groups of extremists that lack one central leader but remain active online. The amount of right-wing extremist content is therefore growing. 

It is important to note that the NCTV state there is no evidence to suggest an attack is imminent or indeed highly likely, but do acknowledge it as an issue that requires attention. They state that the national threat level remains at three out of five. 

Coronavirus and the rise of right-wing extremism

In the most recent report, the NCTV says that the outbreak of the coronavirus, crisis and the consequent measures put in place by the Dutch government, has led to an increased threat of right-wing extremism in the Netherlands. 

According to the counter-terrorism unit, a new generation of right-wing extremists has emerged - those who reject government policy and mainstream media, and find truth in conspiracy theories, can come together and share their thoughts online through social media. The NCTV says this is what makes the new wave so dangerous, as they are more easily able to stay under the radar, unlike their older counterparts.  

Therefore, the NCTV don’t believe that a terrorist attack by any well-known extremist groups is a possibility in the Netherlands, stating instead that the attack could potentially come from a “Dutch loner” who becomes radicalised.

Download the full report on the government website.

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