Nationwide energy efficiency campaign revealed

The biggest and most ambitious energy saving campaign the Netherlands has ever seen is due to be launched next year, a document leaked to newspaper Trouw has revealed.

Commitment towards energy-neutrality

A still confidential report, which outlines the results of months of work by the government in collaboration with the energy sector and the environmentalists, was leaked to the Dutch newspaper, revealing a strong commitment to making the Netherlands an energy neutral country by 2050.

Seen as a blueprint towards a more sustainable Netherlands, the report shows a desire for one million homes and businesses to receive their energy from renewable or local sources by 2020, one step on the way towards complete energy-neutrality.

The plan is also expected to create 10.000 jobs per year until at least 2020.

Not far enough for environmentalists

Despite the ambition of the plan, the discussions were unable to produce a compromise on whether or not to introduce mandatory measures, forcing households to become more sustainable by linking their taxable income to their energy efficiency.

Thanks to this lack of mandatory measures, environmental campaigners say, the plan does not go far enough. Sible Schöne, director of Hier Klimaatcampagne, is quoted as saying that "Without it, an energy agreement is pointless".

Source: Trouw

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