MOVA: A cycling jacket that solves problems

If you’re one of those cyclists who invest in a never-ending supply of bike accessories from lights to rain ponchos and waterproof satchels, simply because they get lost, stolen or broken, then this nifty jacket could save you a load of hassle.

MOVA cycling jacket

Designed by a team of Columbians at a company called MOVA, claiming to be "a movement at your service", this stylish jacket is currently trending on Kickstarter and with good reason!

Perfect for wet weather

If you cycle in the Netherlands, then you will be used to the discomfort brought by terrible weather conditions; harsh winds and never ending drizzle, you show up at work looking like you've been in a shipwreck before you day's even started. 

The team at MOVA get it, and have worked hard at tackling problems that cyclists experience on a daily basis. 

Cycling accessories

Here is a list of its most impressive features: 

Stylishly reversible

Built for hipsters, obviously, this coat looks "clean" on both sides!

Compatible with helmets (or without)

Big enough to stretch over any shaped helmet, this hood will protect you from having your hair messed up by the wind or rain. 

Integrated reflector-lighting system 

Using 2D LED lithium battery lights built to last about a year, that work together with the reflector strips. 

Protects you from wind and rain

They’ve tested it! Unless you submerge yourself in rain, there’s not much chance it’ll get in. It’s a windbreaker too. 

 Built in pockets

Cycling around with a bag can be a pain. If all you need is your phone, keys, and wallet, this jacket houses a place for each. A large pocket in the back, a small pocket for your keys, and a secret pocket for things you don’t want people to find; all zipped so nothing can fall out in transit. 

 Air vents

Or as they call them "underarm zippers" that keep you "fresh". Cycling is exercise, so let’s not ignore the fact that ventilation is key! 

 Colour and logo personalisations

That’s right, if you order more than 10, you can contact MOVA and well, get them to add whatever you like as a logo, including different colour schemes. Worth it, no?

The Kickstarter campaign

MOVA are doing well with their Kickstarter campaign having reached more than 50.000 dollars when their initial target was a modest 5.000, so we thought, with 7 days left, it was worth a shot seeing if anyone still wanted in. 

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