The most popular baby names in the Netherlands in 2021

The most popular baby names in the Netherlands in 2021

2022 is officially here, and as everyone looks ahead to a brand new year and devotes themselves to their new year's resolutions, the Dutch social insurance bank SVB (Sociale Verzekeringsbank) has released its data on the most popular baby names in the Netherlands in 2021. 

Emma knocked off the top spot, Julia and Noah the most popular names

For the past two years, Emma has managed to cling onto its spot at the top of the list for girls names - but Emma's reign came to an end in 2021, with Julia climbing from second place into first, becoming the most popular girls name in the Netherlands in 2021. This isn't a huge surprise, as 2020 saw the popularity of the name Emma fall slightly. As for boy's names, Noah has remained the king, and for the third year in a row has been unveiled by SVB as the most popular name. 

In the first 11 months of last year, over 177.000 babies were born in the Netherlands - 91.943 of which were boys and 86.530 girls - a significant increase compared to 2020. According to the SVB, 945 of these newborns were named Noah (80 more than in 2020) and 753 were named Julia (88 more than in 2020). 

Emma, meanwhile, fell into third place with 648 entries, and Mila claimed second with 696. In comparison, Noah appears to continue to reign supreme as the name in the second spot, Lucas. has only 734 entries.

The most popular baby names in 2021

These are 2021's most popular baby names in the Netherlands.


  1. Noah
  2. Lucas
  3. Sem
  4. Daan
  5. Levi
  6. Liam
  7. James
  8. Finn
  9. Luca
  10. Milan


  1. Julia
  2. Mila
  3. Emma
  4. Nora
  5. Olivia
  6. Sophie
  7. Tess
  8. Milou
  9. Zoë
  10. Yara

Find out how popular your name was last year on the SVB website.

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