Most Dutch people satisfied with life in the Netherlands

Figures just released by the Netherlands statistics bureau CBS show that the vast majority of Dutch people are satisfied with their lives.

The research shows that 85 per cent of the Dutch adult population are satisfied with their life in the Netherlands, although levels differed over age groups and in specific areas.

Life satisfaction in the Netherlands

The highest percentage of satisfaction people felt was with their house and their personal relationships: 90 per cent said they were either "satisfied" or "highly satisfied" with these areas.

Other areas of great satisfaction were the location of their home (89 per cent) and their daily work (80 per cent).

People were less satisfied with their amount free time, however, with 24 per cent saying they were "neither satisfied nor dissatisfied" or "dissatisfied."

They expressed the greatest dissatisfaction with their financial situation, however, with 27 per cent saying they weren’t wholly satisfied.

These numbers might rise if the predictions on the prospects of the Dutch economy in 2014 are correct.

Older people happier than younger

The happiest group in general were the over 65s, while the least satisfied were the 25-to-35-year-old age group.

The older generation were particularly satisfied with their homes, personal relationships and amount of free time. They were less satisfied with their daily work and financial situation, although still more so than other age groups.

The younger group found the most to complain about with their financial situation and free time, with around a third of people expressing a lack of satisfaction in these areas.

They were most satisfied with their personal relationships, and more satisfied than the 18-to-25-year-old group with the location of their home.

Educational level affects satisfaction

People with a higher education were generally more satisfied with their lives than those with a low education, and slightly more so than those with a middle education.

The only area where people with a higher education showed the lowest level of satisfaction was in amounts of free time: only 70 per cent of people with higher education said they were satisfied in this area, as compared to 82 per cent of people with lower education.

Although that the Dutch have the shortest average working week in the world, it would seem that those with a higher education don't always benefit from this.

Most people are not happy with everything

Less than half of the population (44 per cent) expressed satisfaction with all areas of their life.

Among the age groups, over 65s are more likely to be satisfied in all areas: 60 per cent in total.

These figures should not come as a great surprise, however, as other research has rated the Netherlands as the fourth happiest nation in the world.

Source: CBS

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