Monkey Light Pro offers your bike wheels neon lights, videos and flashing messages

This month the American company Monkeylectrics is launching a new product: customisable bike wheels which let you illuminate your ride with your own design.

Easy customisability

Monkey Light Pro comes with web-based software (suitable for both Mac and Windows) which lets users create playlists of their own images and animations.

These can then be uploaded onto the bike wheels via Bluetooth. When the wheels start rolling, four bars of LEDs inside the spokes display the animation on both sides of the wheel. Users can customise the display, so that it loops or is timed at specific intervals.

The Monkey Light Pro also comes preloaded with 10 animations designed by international artists. But the potential for customising is likely to be its biggest selling point. This product offers limitless opportunities for cyclists to show off their creativity and make sure their bike is truly unique.

Form & Function

The Monkey Light Pro is the brainchild of Monkeylectric: a team of serious bike enthusiasts. Accordingly, it is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Designed for use on city streets, the light display is fully waterproof and durable. It is also light-weight at 500 grams, and measures up at a tidy 520mm x 25mm.

The Monkey Light Pro is designed to fit perfectly into the majority of common bike wheels and hubs.

Urethane, the main material used in the LEDs, is crack-, scratch- and dirt-resistant. This ensures that your awesome animations won't begin to fade over time. 

The Monkeylight Pro has previously featured on Dragon's Den, as well as appearing at several international museums and SXSW.

After proving successful in over 100 field tests, the product is now ready for mass release.

For more information, see Kickstarter or check out the Monkeylectric website.

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