Modern Migration Policy Act coming into force

Modern Migration Policy Act coming into force

The IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) has announced that its new Modern Migration Policy Act will come into force on June 1, 2013.

The act will be introduced alongside another National Visa Act (otherwise known as the MVV Act) as the IND has finally got its new information system up and running for the change.

When the act has been introduced, most migrants will need to have a sponsor in the Netherlands, but one of the newest features of the act will permit sponsors to submit an application for a residence permit in the Netherlands.

The application procedure has also been streamlined, with both the residency permit (VVR) and provisional residency permit (MVV) applications being combined into one procedure.

Permits for a longer stay in the Netherlands, for reasons of work, study and family reunification, for example, will now be awarded for a longer period of time, meaning that migrants or sponsors will not need to renew their permits as often as before.

Also, changing employers or educational institutions during your stay has also been made easier as a new permit will not be required in these cases.

In the wake of news that residing illegally is to be made a criminal offence, the act will also provide the IND with significant powers of supervision and enforcement in case of any infringements on regulations. Administrative penalties may be applied for even the submission of incorrect information.

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