Mesmerising drone video captures Utrecht’s misty Domtoren

An Utrecht local has captured the city’s Domtoren at its most beautiful, in the early morning fog - with the help of a drone!

Jelte Keur, the 32 year-old behind the enchanting video, has long been fascinated by how tall buildings - and the Domtoren in particular - get surrounded by clouds, and can sit above a city’s fog.

Determined to capture the tower like never before, Keur waited 10 months for the perfect weather conditions, eventually his patience was rewarded. The video, shot at 9am, has already attracted more than half a million views on YouTube.

Zoe Neilson


Zoe Neilson

Zoe Neilson is a freelance writer living and working in Amsterdam. She is from Edinburgh, but has also lived in Strasbourg, London, Sydney and Leeds, and has now been based...

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