Typical Dutch autumn weather on its way

Typical Dutch autumn weather on its way

This weekend, in particular Saturday, 21 September, may be your last chance to enjoy highs above 20C and clear skies with sunshine for a while. Astronomical autumn in the Netherlands begins on September 23, and with it, we see some lower temperatures with mixtures of sun, clouds and the oh so typical rain showers.

Make the most of Saturday

Saturday is set to be the best weather we’ll be having for a while as autumn sets in the Netherlands. Clear skies, bright sunshine and dry weather are expected with highs of 22C to 23C in the middle of the country and 24C in the south. Make sure you make good use of this day, as it seems as though it is only going to get cloudier and colder from then on.

Sunday, September 22, is an exception when it comes to temperatures, with the thermometer possibly reaching 25C in Limburg. Elsewhere, temperatures will likely be around 23C at the most. Whilst it may not be particularly cold, showers, which also bring with them the risk of a storm, are a possibility. The day will also see increasing cloud coverage.

Next week, you can expect a frequent possibility of rain, cloudy skies most of the time and temperatures of around 18C to 20C, slightly on the warm side for this time of year. Temperatures will slowly drop as we move into October, but in terms of weather, we can expect more of the same, namely: cloudy with a little bit of sun and showers.

First frost already in the Netherlands

That’s right; even though this weekend is going to be pretty warm the first frost of the oncoming winter has already occurred this week. During the early hours of Wednesday morning (September 18), frost was recorded at the Gilze-Rijen weather station near Breda and Tilburg. There, the temperatures dropped to -0,9C just above the ground.

Normally, the first frost of the winter happens around September 15, so the fact that we have already had our first frost is not unusual. It does mean that it may be time to dig your warmer clothes out of the closet though.


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