Mail bombs discovered in major Dutch cities

Mail bombs discovered in major Dutch cities

It sounds crazy, right? But it’s true. In the last week, bombs have been found in the mail at various businesses in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. So far, six have been discovered and another suspicious package was found today at hotel Okura in Amsterdam.

Bombs sent through the post in the Netherlands

Yesterday, the police announced that six mail bombs had been discovered. These bombs were sent to a hotel and a petrol station in Amsterdam, an estate agent in Utrecht, a petrol station and a car dealership in Rotterdam, and the headquarters of the CIB (Central Collections Agency).

The explosives did not blow up, luckily, but according to the police, if they had they could have caused serious bodily injury. Now, another mail bomb has been identified at another hotel in Amsterdam, hotel Okura. The Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service (DEODS) is examining this package.

How can businesses tell that it’s a bomb?

So, what is so suspicious about these packages? Well, they all have similar features, namely that they were all bulging and had a sticker on them with the CIB logo and address of the headquarters in Rotterdam. All letters had the CIB logo and address printed on one sticker and the recipient’s details on another.

According to a spokesperson, the CIB does not use stickers; the logo is printed straight on the envelope. The police believe the agency itself has nothing to do with the case. What’s making the envelopes bulge is unclear, but the director of one company that received such a letter said that it felt like a battery.

The police believe that the case only involves a singular sender. The motives are the perpetrator are unclear, but it possible that it is a case of extortion. It is important that if you come across one of these letters you call 112 right away.

Here's a photo from the police of what the suspicious letters look like (above), and what actual letters sent by the CIB look like (below):

Photos: Politie

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deastman 17:38 | 9 January 2020

get sherlock and joan on it RIGHT away! oh WAIT! 'elementary' finished its run, didn't it... ok then...this is a person that's pissed off and easy to trace...the police will have this solved within a few days....happily, they weren't pissed off enough to make something that exploded....