Mail bomb found at Rotterdam postal sorting centre

Mail bomb found at Rotterdam postal sorting centre

On Sunday, another mail bomb was found at a postal sorting centre in Rotterdam. The letter had originally been sent to a gas station in the city but had been returned to sender by the staff, who had no idea that it contained a bomb.

Several mail bombs have been discovered in the last couple of weeks. The bomb letters were sent to businesses in major Dutch cities.

Return to sender

The bomb letter was delivered to a gas station before the weekend, but returned to sender by a member of staff. After receiving a threatening letter and the media attention that the bomb letters received, the gas station notified the police. By this time, the bomb letter had already been sent back, but turned up in the postal sorting centre.

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service examined the letter and took it to the Netherlands Forensic Institute in a special bomb case. The sorting centre did not have to be evacuated. So far, none of the bombs have gone off.

Motive unknown

The police previously said that they believe this to be the work of a singular person. Their motive is still unclear, but it is possible that blackmail is involved. If you spot a suspicious letter, make sure you call 112 straight away.

The letters have a sticker on them with the CIB logo and address of the headquarters in Rotterdam. The CIB logo and address printed on one sticker and the recipient’s details on another. The CIB itself does not print its logo on stickers, but rather straight onto their envelopes. The suspect packages look like this picture below:

Actual letters sent by CIB look like this:

All targeted businesses which were sent a bomb letter have also received a second letter of a threatening nature. The targeted businesses are situated in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Maastricht.

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