Leiden from a drone

Leiden, home to the oldest university in the Netherlands, and of course, birthplace of Dutch master painter, Rembrandt.

It's not often we get to witness a bird's eye view of a city. This video captures the Hooglandse Kerk and the Burcht in Leiden, amongst many red roof tops.

Leiden was formed on an artificial hill, which came to be known as the Burcht van Leiden. Leiden also houses many churches, one of which is the Hooglandse Kerk known in English as the church of St Pancras, built in the 15th century and containing a monument dedicated to Pieter Adriaansz van der Werff; one of Leiden's mayors.

Kiri Scully


Kiri Scully

Raised a global citizen, to an Irish father and American mother, Kiri has lived and worked in five countries over three continents. Fuelled by culture curiosity at an early age,...

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