Legal-Expat: The affordable legal practice specifically for expats in the Netherlands

Legal-Expat: The affordable legal practice specifically for expats in the Netherlands


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have legal support on speed dial? Are you being treated unfairly, and do you really want to show the other side you mean business?

Get expert legal support for an affordable price

With the expert help of Legal-Expat, all of this becomes a reality, without ever worrying about the costs!

Legal-Expat provides effective and affordable legal help specifically to expats in the Netherlands. They do this with two main guidelines:


  1. Legal-Expat guarantees to have a formal demand letter with your counterparty within two business days.
  2. Legal-Expat works with fixed fees, and in most cases even based on No-Cure-No-Pay.

With these guidelines, you will have your case up and running (and usually solved) in no time and for the same price a traditional law office would charge to “read up on your case”.

A legal practice specifically for expats?

Legal-Expat was founded by Vincent Valjavec, the founder and owner of Legal-U, a highly effective legal practice that covers multiple areas of the law. As a former expat, he knows what it feels like to live in another country. Meeting new people, discovering a different culture and encountering unfamiliar laws, rules and customs. From his own experience, Vincent knows that it can be exciting and daunting at the same time.

When he heard expats were being treated unfairly in a disproportionate manner, he knew he had to come up with a solution that gave all expats in the Netherlands access to affordable legal help - that solution is Legal-Expat.

Legal-Expat prides itself on their unusual way of working. No formal structures. No long waits. And always honest. Just expert legal support for an affordable price, brought to you in an understandable, kind and helpful way.

No wonder other expats are already raving about the services of Legal-Expat. Just a small selection of what they are saying: “Extremely helpful”, “We feel empowered”, “Within a couple of days my problems were solved”, “Helpful and honest”, “Most professional and thoughtful”, and the list goes on!

Legal-Expat services

Legal-Expat is currently offering legal advice and support in matters of rental agreements and tenancy law, contract law and consumer rights.

With its unique services, Legal-Expat guarantees to send your counterparty a demand letter within two business days. And yes, it definitely helps to respond promptly and with force to get your case rolling. Because of this highly effective way of working, most cases are solved in a matter of weeks, and sometimes even days.

Another thing that really sets Legal-Expat apart is that they work with fixed fees, and in most cases even on the basis of No-Cure-No-Pay. This means that you never have to worry about the costs. Oh, and the fees they charge are only a fraction of the costs most traditional law offices would charge you.

Affordable and effective

Traditional law offices don’t state their hourly rates on their website for obvious reasons. Who likes to pay 200 to 350 euros an hour, without knowing how many hours will be spent? At Legal-Expat, for only 399 euros all of the “out-of-court” work is covered! How? Simply by streamlining processes, cutting overhead costs and ensuring everyone is on the same page about strategy. Now that’s affordable and effective!

Contact Legal-Expat

Be sure to ask Legal-Expat for their expert opinion on your case! You can do so by simply filling out the contact form below. They’ll always reply within 24 hours.

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