Legal case against the Dutch government: Free contraception for all

Legal case against the Dutch government: Free contraception for all

Organisations Bureau Clara Wichmann and DeGoedeZaak are filing a lawsuit against the Dutch State to make contraception free of charge for everyone once again.

Removed from basic health insurance package

In the early 1970s, contraception was added to the Dutch health insurance basic package, thanks to the activism of feminist group de Dolle Mina’s. However, in 2011, contraception was removed from the basic health insurance package, as it was deemed “not medically necessary”.

A basic human right

The plaintiffs feel that access to contraception allows women to fully participate in society; making education, labour and financial independence within their reach: “It therefore concerns society as a whole, making free contraception a matter for the government: contraception is a fundamental reproductive right.”

Nowadays, of all people who use contraception, 4% are male and 96% female. “This means it’s mostly women who have to pay the costs”, state the plaintiffs.


Recently, the organisations presented a petition to the House of Representatives, signed by over 55.000 people in a week, to make contraception part of the basic health care package again. The proposal was not accepted.


Bureau Clara Wichmann and DeGoedeZaak hope that many people will want to become co-claimants in the upcoming proceedings. People can become a co-claimant by donating one euro (or more) on

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