KLM pilots threaten to strike over pay and work pressure

KLM pilots threaten to strike over pay and work pressure

Last Friday, pilots working for Ryanair held strikes in multiple countries, including the Netherlands. Pilots employed by Dutch airline KLM may be the next to strike.


According to a letter from pilots’ union VNV, sent to its own members, KLM pilots are threatening to strike if the airline doesn’t respond to their demands by Friday, the Telegraaf reports.

“KLM doesn’t seem to realise how widely spread the dissatisfaction amongst its pilots is and that immediate adjustments are needed to alleviate pressure at work,” the VNV letter states. “If KLM does not agree with our proposal, we will commence with work stoppages. “

It is unclear when the strike should start if KLM does not comply with the demands.

A difficult phase

For months, the union and KLM have been negotiating about a new collective agreement (CAO). It seemed that there was a breakthrough in May, however, VNV members were unhappy about the terms, leaving the negotiations “in a difficult phase”.


On Friday, August 10, pilots of airline Ryanair went on strike in five European countries, including the Netherlands. Whilst there was minimum disruption to flights from Ryanair from Eindhoven, more than 55.000 travellers in Europe were affected by the strike.

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