KLM confirms there will be no ban for unvaccinated travellers

KLM confirms there will be no ban for unvaccinated travellers

Dutch airline KLM confirmed this week that no flying ban will be imposed on any unvaccinated travellers, but emphasised that some destinations may be inaccessible to those who refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19

KLM: No fly ban for unvaccinated travellers

Over the past few months, various international airlines and governments around the world have introduced restrictions for unvaccinated travellers. In March, for instance, the chief of Quantas Australia said in the future all passengers would have to be fully vaccinated, and Canada announced an imminent entry ban for unvaccinated travellers. 

While KLM does follow the travel restrictions set by the Dutch government and makes use of the CoronaCheck app for flights within the EU, a spokesperson for the airline said that it wouldn’t introduce any of its own rules, and would instead stick to the travel restrictions set by each individual country. 

“The requirements that a passenger must meet arise from the government policy of the country to which one is going to travel," the spokesperson told De Telegraaf. "If a country only allows vaccinated travellers and asks the airline to enforce this, then KLM will.” However, entry requirements and rules set by other countries will mean that anyone from the Netherlands who is not vaccinated will not be allowed to travel to certain destinations.

Proof of vaccination vs negative coronavirus test

Many industry experts believe it is likely that more airlines will require proof of vaccination in order to allow travellers to fly. Marco van Leeuwen, a senior lecturer and researcher at the university in Breda, says proof of vaccination could help to secure the future of the international tourism industry: “Another summer like this is the last thing the industry wants, so if companies can guarantee continuity with a vaccination obligation, they will certainly do so."

Marnix Fruitema, the chairperson of BARIN, the industry association for airlines undertaking business in the Netherlands, feels that continuing to accept a recent negative test instead of proof of vaccination would lead to more commercial success for airlines - although he believes it will gradually become more difficult and more expensive for unvaccinated people to travel.

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