Just one jab will be enough to apply for EU COVID-19 certificate

Just one jab will be enough to apply for EU COVID-19 certificate

Anyone hoping to travel across Europe this summer is likely eagerly awaiting the introduction of the so-called coronavirus passport, but may be concerned about travelling when they are not yet fully vaccinated. But, this week, EU sources have said that anyone hoping to apply for the EU COVID-19 certificate will only have to receive one jab in order to travel. 

Travel in the EU even if you're not fully vaccinated

The EU is hoping to push through the necessary legislation so that the certificate can be introduced in time for the upcoming summer holidays. A number of meetings between delegates and MEPs have taken place over the past few weeks, and the details of the certificate will be finalised and announced at the end of the week. 

Following meetings between the European Parliament and European Commission on Tuesday, it seems as though there is still much to be discussed. For example, the European Parliament would like to see free PCR tests for anyone who wants to apply for the travel certificate in order to level the playing field between those who received the vaccine for free and those who are not yet vaccinated. But many member states - including the Netherlands - disagree. 

However, it seems that the EU has agreed that anyone looking to travel will not have to be fully vaccinated in order to qualify for the certificate. Even after only one jab, EU residents will be able to travel without getting tested for coronavirus beforehand. 

Many holidaymakers planning a summer in the Netherlands

Furthermore, it looks as though anyone planning on travelling by car won’t have to worry about border controls. While everyone travelling across Europe will be expected to provide proof of vaccination or a recent negative coronavirus test, this will be difficult to follow up without checks at the borders. 

In spite of this, and the work the EU and the Dutch government are doing in order to facilitate international travel this summer, a recent investigation carried out by market research company Panel Inzicht on behalf of Independer found that many people in the Netherlands are planning on holidaying here in the lowlands this summer. 

According to the study, 46 percent of holidaymakers are planning on staying in the Netherlands over the summer, with 70 percent of them citing coronavirus as the reason for this decision. However, a number of people have already rushed to book flights to the sun or to visit friends and family, as travel agents and airlines have noticed a significant spike in the number of visitors to their websites since the press conference on May 11.

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