It’s started: Fines for scooters on Amsterdam cycle paths

It’s started: Fines for scooters on Amsterdam cycle paths

Legally, scooters have not been able to drive on the cycle paths in Amsterdam, specifically those situated inside the A10, since April 8. However, from this date, an adjustment period of two months was instated, so no fines were given out to those still using the cycle paths or driving without a helmet.

Adjustment period over

Scooter drivers have had two months to get used to the new rules regarding where they can and cannot drive. However, this period is now over and those breaking the rules will be fined from Monday, June 3. Those driving on the cycle path where this is prohibited will receive a fine of 95 euros, plus 9 euros administration costs- so 104 euros in total. The same fine will be given to those driving on the road without a helmet.

This month, an extra 12 enforcement officers will be deployed to enforce the scooter ban. Those who don’t adhere to the rules will be stopped and fined. If they decide to carry on driving and thus do not stop, a fine will be issued via the license plate number. Not sure where you can ride your scooter? Take a look at this map.

Making cycle paths safer

The ban on scooters on the cycle path in the Dutch city was brought about to reduce the congestion on these paths and make them safer for cyclists. Officially, scooters (the ones with blue license plates) are only allowed to reach speeds of 25 km/h, however, many are souped up to go faster. The speed difference compared to bicycles creates a great deal of nuisance. Additionally, the number of scooters in the capital has grown immensely, from 11.000 in 2008 to 35.000 in 2018.

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mokumhammer 10:44 | 4 June 2019

Plenty of scooters still in the cycle lanes

rrustema 14:35 | 4 June 2019

There are 37.000 of them now. Sales have stopped because of this new measure and the pending national legislation about helmets for this type of moped. During the first days many of them are postponing the use of their machine. The yet unanswered question is to what extend they will obey the law in a week or a month from now.

greenbikelane 17:05 | 4 June 2019

Only 12 officers for the whole city seems not enough. Shall we, the vigilant citizens, report offenders to the police? How can we do that?

EdwardThirlwall 11:56 | 18 July 2019

Imposing laws alone isn't necessarily sufficient when road users are just too complacent about making others feel unsafe on the streets. Imposing fines will be a good approach to deter these non-abiding citizens! People are more afraid of losing money than they are of rules apparently.