ING: Open an account with the go-to bank of the Netherlands

ING: Open an account with the go-to bank of the Netherlands


Choosing a Dutch bank and opening a bank account is one of the first things you'll have to do when you move to the Netherlands. Here's why you should consider ING, the largest bank in the Netherlands.

ING has everything you need for a flying financial start in the Netherlands. Manage your money quickly, securely and conveniently in one place. But that's not the only benefit they offer.

Open a bank account with ING

Opening a Dutch bank account

Excited to start your new adventure in the Netherlands? It all starts with opening your Dutch bank account. With more than 8 million customers, ING is the Netherlands' go-to bank, and with good reason.

Open a Dutch bank account online with the easy-to-use ING app or at an ING branch to start making payments straight away. You can even use contactless payments to travel with public transport - you'll be all set to start exploring!

"Moving to the Netherlands was both exciting and challenging. Opening a bank account really is the start of your life here. What was most important to me was to get this sorted as smoothly and quickly as possible." - Isil Evlioglu, Head of Private Individuals at ING Netherlands and Dutch expat.

5 reasons to choose ING when you move to the Netherlands

Opening a bank account with ING has many perks, namely:

1. An account ready for use immediately

As mentioned above, you can quickly open a checking account through the ING Mobile Banking App (or you can visit an ING branch). This account can then be used right away. Talk about hitting the ground running.

2. English-speaking customer service

Use banking services and get support in English - ING is always here for you. Get in touch with customer service in the app. And if you need more help managing your money, visit a branch or set up a meeting with an English-speaking financial coach or one of their experienced expat mortgage advisors.

3. From current account to mortgage

ING doesn't stop at checking and joint accounts. You can also open savings accounts as well as accounts for your children. Whether you want to take out a mortgage, apply for insurance or try your hand at investing - ING offers the total financial package for your life. It's everything your household needs, all in one place.

4. Easy online international payments

Access your money anywhere in the world. Pay with your phone or smartwatch using Apple Pay, Google Pay or Garmin Pay. You can also pay anywhere with your ING debit or credit card. Need to send money home? Fees for international transactions are nice and low.

5. Manage your money with the ING Mobile Banking App

You'll be on top of your finances from day one. Access accounts and funds with the top-notch ING Mobile Banking App. Manage your money, adjust withdrawal and spending limits, request cards and products and contact customer service - all in one app.

Isil Evlioglu: Moving to the Netherlands as an expat ing-isil-portrait.png

Isil Evlioglu moved to the Netherlands with her family to join ING Netherlands as Head of Private Individuals.

"Being an expat myself, I know how important it is to set up banking to get your life started here. At ING, we want to help make expats' move here smooth and stress-free. We do that by onboarding them quickly, with our financial expertise and a comprehensive service offering.We're always working on making customer onboarding easier and quicker for internationals."

Ready to start your life in the Netherlands off right? Learn more about ING and what they can do for you by visiting their website.



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