Is an Indian Summer just around the corner?

Is an Indian Summer just around the corner?

In spite of the fact that the Netherlands is still two weeks away from the official start of autumn, the weather clearly didn’t get the memo, with grey, rainy, and relatively cool days having been the norm for the past few weeks. However, anyone hoping for a late surge of sunshine and warmer temperatures is in luck, with the meteorologists at Weeronline predicting that an Indian Summer may be just around the corner. 

This week’s weather forecast

Over the coming days, the grey clouds will remain over most of the country, but the temperatures will gradually begin to climb. Maastricht and the rest of Limburg may be lucky enough to see some sun, but in the rest of the Netherlands it will be cloudy, with the possibility of light showers throughout Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Temperatures could get as high as 23 degrees in some parts of the country, with around 20 degrees expected in Amsterdam. Heading into the weekend, the sun will break out from behind the clouds, and the temperatures could rise as high as 24 degrees in the southern parts of the country. 

Indian Summer in the Netherlands

The so-called Indian Summer is expected to arrive on Sunday, September 13. The sun will shine, and temperatures up and down the country will hover between 20 and 24 degrees. After the weekend, the temperature will continue to rise, potentially reaching up to 27 degrees in the south and southeast parts of the country. 

Temperatures in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague are expected to hit highs of around 25 degrees on September 14 - 17. So make sure you make the most of this final glimpse of summer, and find yourself a nice terrace to enjoy a cold beer and some borrelhapjes, or plan a lovely day out for the family in the sunshine. 

It is currently unknown exactly how long the summer-like weather will last, but Weeronline predicts it will only be a few days, with temperatures dropping again as we head into the second half of next week, with the clouds returning on Thursday, September 17.

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