Is an “Indian summer” on its way to the Netherlands?

Is an “Indian summer” on its way to the Netherlands?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to let go of the Dutch summer yet. The last few days have, therefore, been pretty miserable. Luckily, this weekend brings some solace, with temperatures possibly getting up to 25C on Sunday.

It’s technically still summer

Technically, it is still astronomical summer, which ends on September 22. Meteorological autumn has already begun, however, and is almost two weeks underway. You’ve probably noticed the typical Dutch autumn characteristics, namely, rain, rain, more rain, cooler temperatures and grey skies.

This weekend, a high-pressure area will ensure calm weather and higher temperatures- bye, bye autumn weather, for now at least. On Saturday, 14 September, we can expect highs of around 19C and 22C in some places. Sunday will see even warmer temperatures and possible summer temperatures in the Southeast of the country.

And once the weekend is over?

Once the weekend is over, temperatures will fall slightly and the sky will become cloudier, but the weather will remain calm and pretty dry. There is also a great possibility that we’ll have some warm days in the autumn. For now, September 16 till 22 seems as though it will be a little warmer than usual, especially in the southern provinces.

When the weather gets warmer in autumn, the term “Indian summer” gets thrown about. However, there are a few requirements that need to be met before one can officially call the warm period an Indian summer. For an official Indian summer, the autumn must have already begun; temperatures must be unseasonably warm for at least seven days and the period must begin with a night of frost. So, we’ll have to wait and see whether we get a real Indian summer or not.

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Carrie Suhr 09:04 | 13 September 2019

Thank you, Mina, for finally getting it right this time.

Nivedita 11:55 | 13 September 2019

Not to throw cold water on the excitement of having a continued summer, but this is a cause of concern of global warming. Sure, if we warm the planet more, then we can have summer all through the year. Anyway, I understand what you mean though.