Indian summer coming to the Netherlands

Indian summer coming to the Netherlands

The weather this last week has been, well, let’s face it, dreary to say the least. Gone are the scorching days of summer and it seems that the Dutch autumn is nearing closer. For those who are less than impressed with the cold, wet weather, the following news should cheer you up: there’s an Indian summer on its way!

Unusually high temperatures in the Netherlands

An Indian summer occurs when temperatures are unusually high between mid-September and November. Normally, temperatures are around 17C to 18C during these months. However, according to Weerplaza, due to the effects of hurricane Helene, next week we may experience temperatures of above 25C.

According to several weather models, at the start of next week, warm air will reach the Netherlands, pushing temperatures up to between 25C and 30C for a few days. Now that’s what we call an Indian summer! Of course, whether or not the hottest air will get to the Netherlands or not is still very uncertain.

Enjoy the warm Dutch weather

Temperatures are expected to rise on Tuesday, September 18 and Wednesday, September 19, to around 22C to 25C. Don’t forget to enjoy the warm weather for the first half of next week, as it is unclear what the second half of the week will do in terms of temperatures.

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Carrie Suhr 08:28 | 13 September 2018

Actually, an Indian Summer happens when the temperatures go back up after a killing frost. I don’t believe that has happened yet. I noticed, while living in the UK, that the Brits always forget this last part of the definition.

Cristina Baroncelli 08:43 | 13 September 2018

This is what you can google in Dutch: De oorsprong van de Indian Summer ligt in Noord-Amerika en staat voor ene periode waarin het voor de tijd van het jaar, de herfst, erg warm is na een periode waarin het juist koud en herfstachtig was. Het is zonnig en de luchten zijn blauw, maar tegelijkertijd verkleuren de blaadjes aan de bomen. Oorspronkelijk werd alleen de periode in november zo genoemd, maar volgens klimatologen mag plotselinge warmte in september ook Indian Summer genoemd worden. So, I guess, it is an Indian summer if we first had 16-18 degrees and then we will have up to 25 degrees,