Improve your Dutch in a weekend

Improve your Dutch in a weekend


For many expats, speaking Dutch is more of a wish than a priority. And as with most wishes, often little comes of it because there are always more pressing matters, especially if you have to drop other things to make it happen.

This is why some expats, for example, do not like taking a Dutch course on working days. You have to take time off work for daytime courses, and for evening courses you have to sacrifice other things, such as sports classes. In addition, these kinds of courses are time-consuming because you’re only able to study for a few hours at a time.

The solution? A language course at the weekend!

Language Institute Regina Coeli has developed a formula which not only supports you in making significant progress in your Dutch skills over the course of a weekend, but also in getting to know new people and fitting in some rest and relaxation. You get to go away for a weekend, which allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of your work and daily activities.

Employers are also pleased about this option, as Dutch companies are increasingly encouraging employees to follow training courses on their own time rather than during working hours.

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A weekend full of private Dutch lessons

What is achievable during an intensive training course from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon is different for everyone. That is why you have an intake with a language trainer beforehand to determine your goals and design your programme.

Think about how much you will be able to accomplish when you speak Dutch for a whole weekend, are corrected by native speakers in your private lessons and work on precisely the things that are most important to you.

Language Weekends at Regina Coeli are especially suitable if you already speak Dutch reasonably well and want to improve certain areas. Imagine, for example:

  • Being able to speak more easily about certain topics in Dutch 
  • Giving your writing skills a boost: learn to write faster and more effective emails
  • Improving your pronunciation
  • Preparing (for) a presentation or for a job interview

You can achieve a lot in a weekend!

You will have several private lessons over the course of the weekend, and you will also speak Dutch with your fellow students under the supervision of a language trainer during the dinners and group activities.

There are also native Dutch-speaking students present who are usually up for a short conversation with an expat who wants to practice their Dutch.

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Get out of your English-speaking environment

In short, while people may speak to you in English by default in your own environment, and though it can be quite a challenge to maintain a conversation in Dutch without others switching to English, you can speak Dutch unabashedly in Vught, make mistakes and develop your skills.

If you are a beginner, Language Institute Regina Coeli suggests you book a longer training course, so you can immediately lay a solid foundation in the Dutch language. There are a number of options for this at the language institute in Vught.

Give yourself the gift of learning Dutch in a lasting way, preparing you to discover the language further on your own!

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More information

For more information about Language Weekends at Regina Coeli, please visit the website, call +31 (0)73 684 8790 or email



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