Immigration pushes population of the Netherlands to 17,8 million

Immigration pushes population of the Netherlands to 17,8 million

Recent figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) have revealed that the population of the Netherlands rose sharply in the first three quarters of 2022, largely as a result of increased immigration levels following the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

Dutch population grew by 191.000 in 2022

According to the data, the population of the Netherlands reached 17,8 million at the start of October, marking an increase of 191.000 compared to the beginning of the year. CBS notes that this is more than double the growth recorded in the same period last year.

A large proportion of this growth is down to an increase in the number of people permanently or temporarily relocating to the Netherlands. Preliminary figures for 2022 show that just under 318.000 people immigrated to the Netherlands in the first nine months of the year, around 32 percent of whom came from Ukraine. 

A large proportion of Ukrainian refugees have registered with municipalities in cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Almere. Overall, the Dutch capital recorded a population increase of 35.290 between January and the end of September. More than 7.000 of Amsterdam’s new inhabitants come from abroad, and a large proportion of them are studying at a university in the city.

The Netherlands records fewer births and more deaths

This increase in migration was also offset by the fact that fewer babies were born this year, and the death rate was higher than in both 2020 and 2021. Similar trends can be observed across Europe, where ageing populations and the end of the coronavirus pandemic have led to declining birth rates in countries like Germany and Switzerland.

In the first half of 2022, the low birth rate and high death rate led to a negative natural growth rate (i.e. there were more deaths than births) in the Netherlands, and according to CBS, the natural population growth recorded in 2022 has only accounted for an increase of 2.500 people. 

According to population projections published in 2021, the population of the Netherlands will reach 18 million by 2026, and 20 million by 2061.

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