IamExpat’s top 10 news stories from 2022

IamExpat’s top 10 news stories from 2022

Believe it or not, 2023 is only a few short days away. But before the Netherlands closes the door on 2022 and welcomes in a brand new year, let's take a moment to reflect on some of the things that have happened over the course of the last 12 months. 

From public transport and heatwaves, to coronavirus lockdowns - here are the top 10 news stories you enjoyed reading the most in 2022. 

1. Day ticket for public transport in Amsterdam to cost just 1 euro this summer

GVB 1-euro ticket public transport Amsterdam

After Germany introduced the exceedingly popular 9-euro ticket, public transport services in Amsterdam came up with their own way to reduce costs and make public transport more attractive. Over the summer, the GVB offered 24-hour tickets for just 1 euro - a scheme that garnered a lot of interest!

2. Having a baby after 2024 will cost parents in the Netherlands an extra 30.000 euros

Tax benefits save money have baby the Netherlands

Anyone planning on starting or extending their family in the next few years was keen to read about how changes to Dutch taxes and childcare costs meant that anyone giving birth before the end of 2024 should be around 30.000 euros better off than someone having a baby after January 1, 2025.

3. Coronavirus press conference: Dutch government lifts lockdown

Coronavirus Dutch government lifts lockdown 2022

It's been a long two years, but cast your mind back to January 2022 when the Dutch government announced the Christmas lockdown was finally coming to an end. Only a few weeks later, the final coronavirus restrictions in the Netherlands were lifted, with life returning to "normal" within the span of just a few months. 

4. NS workers to strike across the Netherlands from next week

NS train strikes the Netherlands 2022

This year has been rife in staff shortages and strikes, as workers fought for higher salaries and better working conditions post-pandemic amid a growing cost of living crisis. The queues and delays at Schiphol made multiple headlines, but the news that really interested expats in the Netherlands this summer were the strikes held by Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS). Luckily, it didn't take too long for unions and NS to reach an agreement.

5. 30% ruling could be scrapped under Dutch government’s new budget

Dutch government taxation 30% ruling expats the Netherlands

Don't worry! Luckily, the Dutch government didn't scrap the 30% ruling - although the rumours that were emerging from The Hague in the lead-up to Prinsjesdag in September did worry a number of expats living in the Netherlands!

6. Public transport workers across the Netherlands to strike this week

Public transport strikes the Netherlands 2022

Another strike! Not long after NS workers downed tools in August, regional public transport workers announced a number of strike days across the Netherlands. It really was a busy summer!

7. Salaries in the Netherlands are rising at unprecedented rates

AWVN rising salaries the Netherlands

Finally, some good news! Figures from employers’ association AWVN have revealed that salaries agreed upon in collective labour agreements rose by unprecedented levels in 2022 - although sadly it still wasn't enough to keep up with the record-high levels of inflation.

8. Dutch government relaxes entry requirements for all travellers

Coronavirus travel restrictions the Netherlands 2022

Another bit of news related to coronavirus; as the government was lifting the various national restrictions, the final restrictions for international travel were also abolished. Great news for expats and holidaymakers alike!

9. Heatwave to potentially bring 40-degree temperatures to the Netherlands

Weather heatwave summer 2022 the Netherlands

You might be freezing now, but cast your mind back to July when the Netherlands was experiencing some seriously tropical weather, with forecasts predicting highs of up to 40 degrees in some parts of the country. This trend of hot weather continued for several months, with the Netherlands experiencing another sweltering heatwave in August, as well as record-breaking temperatures in October.

10. The Netherlands offers a great working life but is unfriendly and expensive, expats say

InterNations Expat ranking quality of life the Netherlands

And last but certainly not least, IamExpat readers enjoyed finding out how other expats rated their quality of life in the Netherlands, after the country rise to be ranked one of the top 25 countries in the world for expats. The big question is: do you agree?

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