IamExpat's top 10 articles from 2020

IamExpat's top 10 articles from 2020

You can find a lot of everything on the IamExpat site - up-to-date information on expat life in the Netherlands, the latest and biggest news stories, and fascinating (and educational!) articles all about life in the Netherlands. 

We know which news stories you guys read the most, but which articles did you enjoy? Here are IamExpat's top articles from 2020.

1. What is the meaning of the XXX on Amsterdam’s flag?

Amsterdam flag

So many expats have made Amsterdam their home, but there might still be a lot that you don't know about this iconic city. Walking the streets of Amsterdam, you're likely to be confronted by the city's emblem: XXX. But where do the Xs come from, and what do they mean? This year, you all loved taking time to learn (more) about the Dutch capital.

2. [Video] Coronavirus quarantine has turned Amsterdam into a ghost town

Amsterdam centraal station

As people around the world spent the spring at home and socially distancing themselves from others, incredible footage of deserted cities emerged - Amsterdam included. Looking at photos of the city centre now, it's hard to imagine how quiet it was only a few months ago.

3. 5 best Dutch films on Netflix (for learning Dutch!)

netflix netherlands

When suddenly confronted with the advice to stay home and stay safe, suddenly everyone had a lot more time on their hands. What to do with all this time, I hear you ask? Watch stuff on Netflix, of course! Looking for some tips on what you can watch as we officially head into winter? Here are five films that will also help you to learn Dutch!

4. 10 tips for staying productive during quarantine

Tidy desk top

It can be difficult to stay motivated at the best of times, and the unprecedented circumstances of 2020 meant many of us were left feeling unmotivated and unproductive. This year, you guys loved reading tips on how you could stay driven and productive in spite of everything that was going on. 

5. 10 things not to do in the Netherlands

Angry woman

Moving to any new country can be a bit of a culture shock, as customs and practices that were considered perfectly normal in your home country are suddenly seen as unusual or even rude. Still struggling to adapt to the Dutch way of life? Here's a handy list of ten things you should never do in the Netherlands

6. 13 popular beaches in the Netherlands

Dutch beaches

Many people across the Netherlands decided not to travel internationally over the summer because of coronavirus, but as temperatures soared and the sun shone, people were left looking for ways to make the most of the glorious Dutch weather. What better way to do that than visiting one of the many beautiful beaches in the Netherlands?

7. Why are people from the Netherlands called Dutch?

Netherlands tulips windmill typical dutch

Why are the Dutch so tall? Why is the Netherlands so flat? Why do the Dutch love their bikes? These are just some of the questions many of us ask ourselves when living in the Netherlands. But this year, we were able to offer an answer to one of these questions - why are the Dutch called "Dutch"

8. Five things the Netherlands does best

Biking dutch countryside

Ahh the Netherlands - home to windmills, tulips and lots of cheese. What are some of your favourite aspects of life in the Netherlands? In 2020, you loved reading about and sharing ideas about what the Netherlands does best.

9. 12 best vintage shops in Amsterdam

Vintage shop Amsterdam

Vintage shops have always been a great place for finding some hidden gems, but many of us are making use of them as a way to shop more sustainably and reduce our carbon footprint. You guys loved reading this article in 2019 - and you loved it some more in 2020! What are your favourite vintage shops in the Netherlands?

10. The life of the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian

Mondriaan art

You're never too old to learn - Mondriaan's artwork might be iconic, but how much do you actually know about the life of this renowned Dutch artist? Well, you'll know a lot more after reading this article!

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