IamExpat - Top Stories of 2017

IamExpat - Top Stories of 2017

What were our most popular reads in 2017? What did expats in the Netherlands most want to know about? Here are some of the most-read articles published on IamExpat over the last 12 months. Happy reading and happy New Year!

Dismissed netherlands projob

Dismissed! But have you been given the right notice period?
by Els Brouwer

Dismissal: it can happy to all of us. Make sure you know how much notice you are entitled to!

residence permit holder netherlands

Your responsibilities as a Dutch residence permit holder
by Andrea De Bie

Expats in the Netherlands, do you know what your responsibilities are as a Dutch residence permit holder? Fragomen Worldwide explains.

access Dutch labour market

Improved access to the Dutch labour market
by Eline Van Deijck

Highly skilled migrants, scientific researchers and students have gained more access to the Dutch labour market. They can now make use of the self-employment option. 

30% ruling netherlands

30% ruling under fire?
by Femke Bakker

Many expats make use of the 30% tax ruling, which has been the subject of discussion for a while now. Femke Bakker from BDO explains the latest developments.

dutch housing market

What is happening in the Dutch housing market?
by Henk Jansen

Henk Jansen from Expat Mortgages tells us what's going on in the Dutch housing market today.

mortgages netherlands 2018

Mortgages in 2018: What is going to change?
by Henk Van Seijen

A new year means updated rules and requirements concerning mortgages in the Netherlands. What's going to change in 2018?

learn dutch beyond gezellig

Why learning basic Dutch is not enough: Beyond gezellig
by Donald Fleming

'Why learn Dutch? Everyone speaks English.' Donald Fleming describes his experience of moving to Amsterdam, and how he made an effort to learn Dutch.

dutxch foods missed leaving netherlands

Top 5 foods voted most likely to be missed when leaving the Netherlands
by Ruud Hisgen

Find out what Dutch foods expats will miss most when returning to their home country. Will your favourite Dutch foods make the top 5?

awkward mistakes dutch beginners

5 awkward mistakes that Dutch beginners often make
by Albert Both

Are you new to the Dutch language? Here are some common, awkward mistakes almost every Dutch beginner makes!

netherlands video trump

The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words

Fancy a giggle? The Netherlands' very own John Oliver, Arjen Lubach showed a short video in his weekly show on VPRO that took the internet by storm. 

special spots netherlands

8 special spots in the Netherlands you may not have heard of

If you've been to all the tourist hotspots, it might be time to check out some of the lesser known villages around the country that make it charming.

american kids dutch food

American kids try Dutch food

Check out these adorable kids' reaction to Dutch food favourites like Broodje Haring, Stamppot and Pannenkoeken.

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