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IamExpat Media is pleased to introduce, our new platform dedicated to improving the lives of expatriates in Switzerland. Our free-to-use website keeps the growing expatriate community in Switzerland informed on the issues that affect them most, with tailored content such as: - the English-language media platform for internationals in Switzerland.

  • Up-to-date, easy-to-read information on important issues: everything from applying for a residence permit to opening a bank account. 
  • Jobs and housing listings, specifically designed for expats. 
  • Expat service listings, including lawyers, tax advisors, mortgage brokers, language schools, recruitment agencies and more.
  • Entertaining, informative and useful articles from our editorial team and a range of contributors. 
  • Lifestyle events, tips and competitions. 
  • English-language news from all over Switzerland. gives a unique opportunity for internationals in Switzerland to navigate their way through the process of relocating abroad; to get themselves better acquainted with their new home country; and to connect with the wider expatriate community.

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About IamExpat Media

Founded and run by expats, IamExpat Media is a leading English-language online media platform for internationals in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. We have been providing up-to-date information, news, job listings, housing services and lifestyle tips to internationals since 2009. 



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