Hyperloop: Amsterdam to Frankfurt Airport in just 50 mins

Hyperloop: Amsterdam to Frankfurt Airport in just 50 mins

It’s not here yet, but it could be soon! The province of North-Holland is working closely with Hardt Hyperloop to realise the first hyperloop- a high-speed vacuum tube mode of transport- between Schiphol Airport and Frankfurt Airport. So if you're working in the Netherlands and living in Germany, travelling may soon be a breeze!

An innovative mode of transport

The hyperloop would allow travel between these airports in just 50 minutes with seven intermediate stations. Using regular transport, this journey of 450 kilometres takes about four hours. According to a spokesperson, with the hyperloop in place, “Flights would then no longer be necessary”.

The hyperloop is set to be a new means of travel, able to transport people and cargo at speeds of 1.000 km/h. The company behind this innovative mode of transport, Hardt Hyperloop, is relatively young, having been founded by students from TU Delft with the support of Tesla pioneer Elon Musk.

Alternative to short flights from the Netherlands

North-Holland representative Elisabeth Post expresses that the viability of using the hyperloop between major European airports instead of short distance flights is being researched. “In view of the whole climate and noise discussion, we would like to contribute ideas”, she adds, also stating that, “North-Holland wants to support this innovation. We are sympathetic to the initiative”.

To get things started, the province is contributing 50.000 euros to the project. At the start of 2020, a decision will be made regarding further financial cooperation. In the coming year, the possibilities that the hyperloop can offer will be investigated, along with which connections are viable, how these fit into existing infrastructure and the costs. The ultimate goal of this project is to relieve the increasingly busy Schiphol airport and improve the quality of life in the surrounding area, according to Post.

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