How Zein Childcare provides dedicated international out of school care

How Zein Childcare provides dedicated international out of school care


Research shows that international education and high-quality international childcare are the most important soft factors for expats when deciding to relocate to the Netherlands. The Hague, International City of Peace and Justice, home to hundreds of international organisations and multinationals, meets these needs like no other Dutch city does; offering the highest concentration of international schools, uniquely complimented by the high-quality childcare services of Zein International Childcare.

Based on the belief that truly international childcare is so much more than just speaking English, Zein International Childcare offers a unique After School and Holiday Care programme, designed to better support and develop the needs of children growing up internationally - after the school bell rings.

Working in partnership with key international schools in the cosmopolitan city by the sea, all of Zein’s locations are conveniently situated in the proximity of the school’s campuses and / or nearby prominent international organisations. The centres offer a welcoming and truly home-like environment where the needs and abilities of international children are recognised, stimulated and guided.

By continually investing in the children’s socio-emotional growth, Zein International Childcare hopes to equip children with the skills needed to cope with their constantly-changing settings and environments - helping them succeed in their friendships, school life, home life, future careers and as members of the wider community.

Andreas, a Zein Out of School Care teacher, shares his experience: “There is no greater joy than giving love, support and guidance to these children. Each and every one of them is so unique, and life brought us all together from all over the world, to be a family and care for each other and do our best to develop socially and emotionally together’’.

After School Care: A worthy and enjoyable extension of your child’s day

Zein recognises the uniqueness of each child and their need to relax, refresh and engage in a different way at the end of a formal school day. After a hearty organic snack upon arrival to the centre, the staff motivate and engage the children in a fun range of creative activities structured around Monthly Themes and Weekly Topics, alongside the provision of an outdoor sporting and recreational programme. Older children are also supported through the provision of quiet homework time and appropriate resources.

By following a 'do-it-yourself' format, activities provide a physical outcome the children can show and be proud of whilst also enhancing family involvement as they show and discuss their projects during pick-up time…

This optical art dragon provides the illusion of movement - but in fact, does not move at all!

Strong peer-to-peer relationships and community awareness

Alongside the themed approach, there is a quarterly Club Programme, offering activities such as Judo Club, Curacao Cooking Club, Recycling Club or Country Dance Club. This allows children to collaborate on a project for an extended period of time- strengthening peer-to-peer relationships through interaction with different friendship groups and ages.

Projects vary enormously in scope and nature, but activities which develop an increased community awareness are particularly encouraged.

Furthermore, children are encouraged to learn and embrace responsibility for their own actions - instilling positive behaviour through the use of the acclaimed “Choices System” – developed by Robbie Zein, Co-Founder of Zein International Childcare, and child of expats herself.

Festive joy Zein International

During the holiday season, children at The Maples location made it their mission to share some festive joy and visited the nearby elderly home to bring its residents hand-crafted decorations and sing beautiful carols. 

The holidays are a time for adventure…

During all school holidays, the locations become day-long hubs of fun where new skills and talents are discovered as they play host to Multi-Activity and Themed Activity Day Camps. From Surfing to Performing Arts and Tennis to Science and Technology, all weekly programmes, also including field trips, are guaranteed to offer something for every child.

Camps are also regularly attended by families who do not need regular after school care but do want their child to benefit from Zein’s programme.

Internationally diverse staff

Ultimately, across all their services and locations, it is the truly international mix of their staff that helps set Zein apart from other childcare providers.

Monika Bouchalova, Zein HR Manager explains “We understand that every child and family is unique and we make it our mission to ensure that each and every one of them is not just looked after, but truly cared for and understood whilst in our care. Diversity is a critical element of our staff recruitment and we are proud to have a professional family of over 100 trained educators, certified sports teachers and childhood specialists, representing about 40 nationalities, helping us in “Setting the Standard” in international childcare.’’

Setting the Standard

Zein International Childcare is the leading provider of international childcare services in the Netherlands, offering Day Care, Pre-School, After School and Holiday Care across multiple locations in The Hague region. Questions? Contact the friendly team on 070-3268263, send an email to [email protected] or visit their website for more information.



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