How to make filing U.S. taxes a breeze for Americans abroad

How to make filing U.S. taxes a breeze for Americans abroad


That time of year is coming... That time which all Americans living outside the States dread: the mandatory filing of your U.S. taxes. It’s printed on every American passport and clearly states that regardless of where you live or work (even if you haven’t lived in the States in forever), you must file and report your worldwide income to the IRS every year.

Taxes made simple: MyExpatTaxes

While some people may try to avoid this duty, there are some benefits to reporting your income on time. Not only will you feel better by being tax compliant, but you might actually get a sizeable refund. Moreover, you will not be liable for nasty penalty fines that can leave you with 10,000 USD less in your bank account.

It is easy to understand why some Americans stop filing their U.S. taxes after they move out of the country; doing your own taxes is just so complicated.

Not only are the U.S. tax forms complex and riddled with difficult vocabulary, but filling them out is time-consuming as well, and who has time for that? That’s why many expats pay hundreds of dollars to tax professionals to take care of that work for them, which is unnecessary… Why? Read on!

Revolutionary software to make filing your taxes easier

Some time ago, an American expat named Nathalie Goldstein came over to Vienna, Austria, for work. When tax season opened up, Nathalie paid a tax professional over 500 euros to do her U.S. taxes. It ended up being disastrous - with paperwork having to be filled out and sent back and forth between countries (leading to delays), and the professional giving the wrong information to the IRS (mixing up Austria with Australia).

Furious at how modern technology had not solved the complexities of U.S. taxes, Nathalie decided to do something about it. Not just to help herself, but the other 9 million Americans who live abroad as well. As an Enrolled Agent (IRS Certification), she partnered with engineering masterminds Markus Finster and Joachim Niederreiter to make a revolutionary expat tax software called MyExpatTaxes.

MyExpatTaxes makes doing taxes simple

Americans abroad can finally breathe, because the MyExpatTaxes software makes filing U.S. taxes a breeze. All you need to do is sign up for an account, and then the user-friendly software will guide you through, asking you questions about your work, life, and financial situation. A little plugging in of data and numbers, and - done. The software places all your necessary info in the correct IRS forms. The entire process is smooth, easy, and is normally completed in under 30 minutes.


Easy to use and affordable software

Nathalie and the team at MyExpatTaxes know the struggles of being an expat, especially when one would rather save their money for flight tickets than spend it on tax consultants. That’s why the price for using the expat tax software is only 149 euros, making it affordable for everyone!

How to Get Started 

Sign up here and enjoy the process! Easy as that!

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Carrie Suhr 10:36 | 4 February 2019

I've been using TurboTax for years (while living abroad) and it only costs $50 to do my taxes.

myexpattaxes 13:07 | 11 February 2019

Hi Carrie, There's certainly plenty of people who have found their own ways to navigate through the tax season, either by using their own spreadsheets, a software like Turbo Tax or even just downloading the IRS forms directly and filling them out by hand. If it works for you, that's great! MyExpatTaxes is focused on US expats and their situation, and we try to make it as easy as possible to file your returns. Most of our customers can get their taxes done in 30 minutes, at a fixed rate. If you want, you can try it at - it's free to start.