Homeless in Amsterdam to be vaccinated before shelters close

Homeless in Amsterdam to be vaccinated before shelters close

The Dutch government’s most recent coronavirus relaxations mean that the emergency coronavirus homeless shelters will close their doors on June 2. But the Municipality of Amsterdam has announced that all residents of the shelters will be offered the coronavirus vaccine before June. 

Amsterdam's homeless population to be vaccinated

The municipality set up a number of emergency shelters when coronavirus broke out last spring, and the news that shelters would be closing before the summer was met with harsh criticism as people protested the decision in Amsterdam in April. 

However, steps are being taken in an attempt to protect the city’s homeless population from the virus. From the last week of May, all residents of the emergency shelter - including EU citizens and undocumented migrants - will be offered the Janssen vaccine. The municipality hopes everyone will be vaccinated by June 2. 

Homelessness during the coronavirus crisis

“I am pleased that, thanks to the enormous efforts of the GGD and the care providers, the municipality of Amsterdam has succeeded in providing extra emergency shelter to all homeless people in the city during this corona crisis," alderman Simone Kukenheim said.

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