Hello Dutch spring weather

Hello Dutch spring weather

You may have noticed that some golden rays of sun managed to find your face today instead of the freezing cold rain the past weeks brought. It looks like the sunshine is here to stay for a while.

Spring weather in the Netherlands

This week, it seems as though the cold and wet won’t be bothering us too much, as according to Weeronline, we can expect a dry week, with Mr Sunshine finally making an appearance. On Tuesday, February 12, temperatures of around 8C are forecasted with a possibility of sunny spells. There will still be clouds in the sky, however, and a moderate breeze blowing. During the night, temperatures will not drop below 3C.

Wednesday, February 13, will also be dry with sunny spells later in the day and temperatures of about 8C to 9C. Not bad for Dutch weather if you ask us.

This spring weather trend continues on Valentine’s Day and temperatures of 8C to 12C can be expected.

For the rest of the week, calm, dry weather with sunny spells is anticipated, with temperatures reaching highs of 10C. Nights, however, will still remain rather cold, at around 0C.

Is the Dutch winter over?

Next week, it looks as though the possibility of changeable weather will slowly increase. However, in such a scenario it seems as though the weather is more likely to become milder than it is to become colder. At this moment in time, the possibility of cold winter weather is at zero.

As always, enjoy the nice weather while you can! Those who have lived in the Netherlands will be able to vouch for the fact that the weather does not always stay true to the forecast.

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