Heavy winds and Storm Francis are headed for the Netherlands

Heavy winds and Storm Francis are headed for the Netherlands

The “summer storm,” Storm Francis, is headed for the Netherlands on Wednesday, triggering a code yellow for weather conditions and heavy winds on the Dutch coast. 

Summer storms and heavy winds in the Netherlands

After the record-breaking 13-day heatwave came to an end last week, the weather in the Netherlands has, on the whole, returned to more typical Dutch summer weather, with temperatures around 20 degrees, and on-and-off rain showers. 

However, things are about to take a turn yet again, as Storm Francis heads to the Netherlands. Expected to hit the coastal provinces on Tuesday night, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) has issued a code yellow weather warning for the whole country, specifically Friesland, Noord Holland, and Zuid Holland. The wind is expected to pick up considerably, potentially reaching up to 100 kilometres an hour and resulting in rough seas. 

Heading into Wednesday morning, winds will remain strong - reaching between 75 and 100 kilometres per hour inland - and will bring rain to most parts of the country. The southern provinces, such as Limburg and Brabant, are expected to remain relatively dry, but will still experience heavy winds. 

Storm damage across the country

It was not that long ago that towns and cities across the country suffered damage from heavy thunderstorms. And Weerplaza predicts Storm Francis will be bringing more damage and chaos to a number of areas. 

The meteorologists expect that a number of trees will be knocked down by the heavy winds. They also warn members of the public to dismantle any tents they may have in their gardens and secure any other items, such as trampolines. 

Weather forecast for the rest of the week

Luckily, the storm is expected to pass quite quickly, with Thursday seeing light wind and dry weather - perhaps even some sunshine - across the Netherlands. 

Heading into the weekend though, the rain will pick up again, with showers expected on Friday. The weekend will also see the wind pick up slightly. However, there are no signs that another “summer storm” is on its way any time soon.

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