The Hague reveals where the money goes

The municipality of The Hague has revealed all of the subsidies which it granted in 2012 by publishing them online.

Increased transparency

A total of 300 million euros was spent on 1.455 different projects in 2012, most of which went to projects in the fields of education, welfare and culture.

Following a request from the The Hague Municipal Council, Deputy Mayor Boudewijn Revis has made the information about subsidies granted available in an attempt to increase the transparency of the municipalities workings.

He is quoted as saying that "The registry should ultimately answer the question of whether the subsidy has been efficient and effective."

Mark McDaid


Mark McDaid

Mark hails from the Emerald Isle but has been living in the land of cheese and deep-fried-indiscriminate-meat since February 2009. He can often be found trying to read through a...

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