The Hague publishes subsidies allocations online

Citizens of The Hague and the public at large can now view which subsidies the municipality has awarded in an online registry of grant decisions on

As of now, the more than 500 subsidies listed in the registry have been allocated on the basis of "liveability and resident participation;" in doing so, the municipality aims to support small-scale initiatives by residents and neighbourhood associations. After the summer the municipality will add the details of other regulations to the registry.

Subsidies already awarded include allocations to various neighbourhood associations, religion- and ethnicity-based organisations, a puppet theatre, the YMCA, museums, and sports clubs.

Everyone can apply for a subsidy, but your application must meet a number of requirements, such as:
 your idea must be meant specifically for the city district in which you are applying for the subsidy
 the subsidy must be meant for a one-off project or event
 your idea must fit in with the city’s overall ambitions. 

The municipality can only award a subsidy to a legal entity rather than an individual, and any events must be open to the public.

Residents of The Hague who would like to start an initiative dealing with liveability, well-being, youth, culture or their neighbourhood can find more information and the necessary forms on the municipality’s Subsidy for liveability and resident participation page.

The registry will be updated every three months. The Dutch-language information site also contains an overview of all of the types of subsidies that residents, businesses and organisations can apply for.


Carly Blair


Carly Blair



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