The Hague to provide free internet for the entire city

The Municipality of The Hague is to launch a two year programme to extend free Wi-Fi coverage over the entire city.

The project was initiated at the beginning of April, and currently covers Spuiplein and the Grote Marktstraat. By the end of April, the city hopes to have free wireless internet available in Zuiderpark as well.

Deputy Mayor Rabin Baldewsingh (Media and ICT) argues that such a initiative is beneficial to the city: "We want to show everyone that we are a welcoming city, and can provide people with royal service." The city alderman also supported the scheme, claiming that free Wi-Fi is a trademark of a modern city.

The municipality cannot provide the Wi-Fi itself because of legal constraints, so is inviting commercial partners to step-in and help achieve its vision. It also needs permission from landlords to help install the internet infrastructure.

Free- Wi-Fi is valued by visitors and tourists, and will boost the economy.

Wi-Fi coverage also offers the city a wealth of new opportunities, such as flexible camera surveillance, improved planning of large events, and in managing public transportation. It can also be used to regulate street lighting, rubbish bins and create dynamic message signs.

James Shaw


James Shaw

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