[The Hague] Organ donation

In an effort to raise the number of donors, the Municipality of The Hague calls all people age 12 and older residing in the Netherlands to state whether they want to become organ and / or tissue donors or not.

It is possible to register in the Donorregister using your DigiD or fill in the donor registration form that can be found at the sub-municipal offices in The Hague:
 Stadsdeelkantoor Centrum
Spui 70, 2511 BT | Telephone: 14 070

 Stadsdeelkantoor Escamp
Leyweg 813, 2545 HA | 14 070

 Stadsdeelkantoor Haagse Hout
Loudonstraat 95, 2593 RV | 14 070

 Stadsdeelkantoor Laak
Slachthuisplein 25, 2521 EC | 14 070

 Stadsdeelkantoor Leidschenveen-Ypenburg
Brigantijnlaan 303, 2496 ZT | 14 070

 Stadsdeelkantoor Loosduinen
Kleine Keizer 3, 2553 CV | 14 070

 Stadsdeelkantoor Scheveningen
Scheveningseweg 303, 2584 AA | 14 070

 Stadsdeelkantoor Segbroek
Fahrenheitstraat 190, 2561 EH | 14 070

Note that the registration form is in Dutch but the options are:
 Option 1: Yes, I give permission
 Option 2: No, I don't give permission
 Option 3: My next of kin decide
 Option 4: A specific person decides

According to Den Haag official website, "In the event that somebody hasn’t registered his or her consent to donate organs, his surviving relatives will be asked for permission. This is a difficult decision which often needs to be taken at a highly emotional moment. If more people register as organ donors, more lives can be saved."



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