Hague offers residents email notifications of municipal notices

Residents of The Hague curious about what's going on in their neighbourhood can now sign up to receive an email summarising all municipal notices in the surrounding area, such as a tree cutting permit to remove a sick tree or a small building permit. These kinds of announcements used to be published in De Posthoorn.

When signing up for the new service, residents can request to receive news from within a radius of 50 up to 1.500 metres from their home, as well as specify the types of notices they would like to be made aware of, such as different sorts of permits, zoning changes, rubbish collection, elections or taxes.

Note that you can also view these notices (gemeenteberichten) online, and you can still obtain a printed version of the municipal notices at the district office (stadsdeelkantoor).

Click here to watch a film (in Dutch) about the new email service.

Carly Blair


Carly Blair



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