The Hague to crack down on illegal bicycle parking

Starting in mid-June, the Municipality of The Hague will start actively enforcing bicycle parking rules in areas around its train stations. Central Station, Hollands Spoor, and RandstadRailstation Leidschenveen have been designated as stations where one may only park in a bike rack or lock-up.

During June warning labels will be hung on all bicycles incorrectly parked around the stations to remind people that they need to park their bikes legally. As of mid-June the city will start cracking down on illegally parked bikes at Central Station and Hollands Spoor, and starting in July enforcement officers will also start targetting illegally parked bikes at RandstadRailstation Leidschenveen.

Bicycles which are not parked in the bike stands or in a lock-up will get a green warning label. The owner then has 30 minutes to remove their bicycle or park it in a lock-up or bike stand. If the bicycle is still standing there after 30 minutes, it will be removed and taken to the Bicycle Depot ("Fietsdepot") Haaglanden.

Even if legally parked, bicycles are not allowed to be parked at the train stations longer than seven days in a row. Bicycles parked longer than seven days will first get a blue warning label. The owner then has two days to remove their bicycle. If it isn’t removed in time, the bicycle could also be taken to the Fietsdepot Haaglanden.

It is obviously less of a hassle to simply park your bike legally in the first place. Note that there are special parking spaces set aside for cargo bikes and mopeds. Those with normal bikes can place them in the guarded area under the station or in the free lock-up next to the station.

Bike removed?
If your bike is removed, you can retrieve it from the Bicycle Depot Haaglanden at Junostraat 24 in the Binckhorst industrial area. You can check if your bike is in the depot here (in Dutch).

If your bike is indeed at the depot, you can get it back by paying 15 euros (with a bank card only) to cover the costs of removing the bicycle. You'll have to be able to identify yourself and prove (for example, by having the correct key) that the bicycle belongs to you.

Getting there
You can reach the Bicycle Depot Haaglanden using Bus 26 or Bus 30 (Zonweg stop). During the morning and evening rush hour you can also use Tram 10 (Binckhorstlaan stop) to get to the depot.

Opening hours
 Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 8.30am - 5pm
 Tuesday & Thursday: 12pm - 5pm


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