Haaglanden raises subsidies for biogas vehicles

Residents in the Haaglanden region can benefit from an improved subsidy for biogas-powered vehicles as the city-region aims to boost its green credentials.

The subsidy will rise from 1.000 to 3.000 euros, which is available for individuals, companies and the government. The subsidy for heavier commercial vehicles weighing over 3.500 kg is even more generous, with between 8.000 and 10.000 euros available.

Methane biogas (Groengas) is a fuel source that can be used by any car powered by natural gas. It is made by collecting the gases from decomposing organic waste, manure and sewage. The government subsidies have been popular; some 600 vehicles are now using the gas, including companies and municipalities.

Methane biogas is fuel-efficient, and releases 75 percent less toxic gases into the air than conventional fuel sources.

The City Region of Haaglanden hopes that the subsidy will demonstrate its commitment to a clean environment and sustainable living: "The more cars that are driving cleanly, the better it is for the air quality."

James Shaw


James Shaw

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