GP Westertoren Amsterdam: Around the clock medical care at your disposal

GP Westertoren Amsterdam: Around the clock medical care at your disposal


Are you about to start working and living in Amsterdam? Then you, and your family, might be looking for a General Practice (GP).

Warm, personal and future-proof care: that’s what GP Westertoren stands for!

General Practice Westertoren (huisartstenpraktijk Westertoren) is located at the heart of Amsterdam, nearby the canals and next to the Westertoren.

Personal healthcare combined with smart digital solutions

At GP Westertoren, they combine personal healthcare with smart digital solutions. Being a patient at their practice means that you have 24 / 7 medical care at your disposal through the innovative Quin app.

Digital care

You can check your medical symptoms, view your medical records, start a conversation with them, plan a video or physical consultation or request a repeat prescription for your chronic medication at any time of the day, all via the Quinn app. Because you map out your own health in the app, you know exactly where you stand!

Quinn app

Physical care

The digital tools GP Westertoren uses are in place to decrease your GP’s workload, so that they have more time to care for you. Of course, you can also reach GP Westertoren by phone, or you can visit them at the practice. Their team of energetic and experienced general practitioners, doctor's assistants and practice support staff with specific knowledge of expats life will be at your service. They go above and beyond to support their patients in the best way possible.

GP Westertoren

How to register at GP Westertoren

General Practice Westertoren currently accepts patients with the following zip codes: 1011, 1013, 1014, 1015, 1016, 1051, 1052, 1053, 1054, 1055 and 1056. Do you live outside of this postal code area? There still might be a possibility for you to become a patient at GP Westertoren, contact them for more information.

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Make an appointment

You can schedule a physical, video or phone appointment with your GP through the Quin app 24/7. The practice is also reachable by phone at certain hours at +31 204509919 (press 9). Check their website for their phone availability.



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