Government to take decision about Dutch vaccination passport in June

Government to take decision about Dutch vaccination passport in June

While the EU is working towards introducing a COVID-19 certificate and the Dutch government is trialling the new CoronaCheck app, the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) has been hesitant to introduce a national coronavirus vaccination certificate. However, Hugo de Jonge has announced that the cabinet hopes to make a decision on the matter in early June - just in time for the summer holidays

Will the Netherlands introduce its own vaccination certificate?

Unlike the EU certificate, the Dutch one would also allow people who have been vaccinated against coronavirus access to various events across the Netherlands without having to be tested for the virus, and would most likely be able to travel internationally without having to quarantine upon return to the Netherlands.

De Jonge’s goal is to piggyback off the regulation passed by the EU, which Brussels aims to enforce from June 21. However, he does acknowledge that the summer holidays start shortly after June 21, and so recognises how important it is to “not lose time” and to introduce the certificate “as soon as it is medically and technically justified.”

The House of Representatives has been given three weeks to consider the pros and cons of a so-called vaccination passport. The travel industry has, unsurprisingly, voiced support for the plan, but interest group Privacy First have called the it "a serious violation of fundamental rights and human rights."

Dutch government delays introduction of quarantine rule

The government is yet to issue its advice for international travel this summer, but all signs suggest that politicians and cabinet ministers are anticipating that many will cross the border over the summer. Back in April, the government announced that it was looking to introduce a mandatory 10-day quarantine rule for everyone who returns to the Netherlands from abroad. 

This rule was set to come into effect on May 15, but a spokesperson from the Ministry of Health revealed this week that the cabinet was now hoping to introduce the rule in June.

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