GMW lawyers: The legal partner for expats in the Netherlands

GMW lawyers: The legal partner for expats in the Netherlands


Expats face the daily challenge of building a new life in a foreign country with unfamiliar rules. As a result, many people are unsure about their rights. That is fine when things go smoothly - but when the going gets tough, it may be time to call a lawyer.

Lawyers for expats

The team at GMW lawyers are experts in their fields, with the knowledge and the experience to provide advice that you can trust.

When a situation escalates past a certain point, it can become impossible to solve it alone. That’s when you need a legal partner who can help you work it out.

GMW lawyers has been helping expats in the Netherlands solve their legal problems for more than 25 years. With lawyers who have been expats themselves, they understand the specific challenges and needs of internationals living abroad, and offer a range of legal services to support you.

Areas of legal expertise

GMW lawyers can assist you with family and inheritance law, employment and pension law, property and tenancy law, company and insolvency law and liability law.

Family law

GMW lawyers’ team of family lawyers includes specialists who can help you solve issues ranging from pre-nuptial agreements to divorce, custody, partner alimony, child maintenance and abduction. The inheritance law team can help you understand your rights and obligations as an heir in the Netherlands, share advice about estate planning and give guidance on specific issues such as appointing an executor or a guardian for your children. 

Employment law

The employment law team at GMW lawyers can answer your questions about employment contracts, pensions and human resource policies. These specialised lawyers can help you face employment issues such as dismissal, performance, illness, non-competition clauses, outsourcing, collective bargaining agreements, privacy and discrimination.

GMW lawyers’ clients operate in virtually every industry, and vary from knowledge workers, directors and corporate level executives to civil servants and entrepreneurs.

Property law

GMW lawyers can help you in all aspects of property law. Whether it is about the purchase, sale, construction, project development, financing or rental of property, the property law team can help you work it out. GMW lawyers’ clients include housing associations, property investors, property managers, project developers, construction companies, local authorities and private landlords. 

Company law

The corporate and insolvency law team contributes to the success of SME’s, large and small (international) companies, non-profit organisations, management boards, supervisory boards and shareholders. From contracts to claims, disputes, financing and bankruptcy, GMW lawyers can help you find the best solution for your business.

Liability law

If you have suffered damage caused by a third party, you’ll need reliable advice about liability law to hold them liable. The liability law team can support you in the event of personal injury, breach of contract, work-related accidents, unlawful acts, group claims and directors’ liability. GMW lawyers assists private individuals, entrepreneurs, directors, principal shareholders and non-profit organisations.

How we help expats

GMW lawyers can help you understand your legal options and provide mediation and / or litigation where needed. If you’re just starting to investigate a legal question, it’s recommended to discuss your case with a lawyer. They can advise you about your rights and help you decide whether or not to take legal action. Should you decide to proceed, your lawyer can then support you throughout the process.

How to get started

Contact us to discuss your case with an expat lawyer. Get in touch by phone on 070 3615048, or make an appointment online.

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blackmagiccure 11:58 | 25 April 2019

Good Post

patrickkford 02:07 | 27 April 2019

My name is Patrick Ford. I am located in zaandam on business with my partner, also here on business. We we’re recently denied entry to a bar (not intoxicated) for no other reason then the fact that we spoke English to bouncers. We were mean to meet friends inside. Two bouncers who did not disclose that they worked for the establishment refused our entry because “we were not from here” and given no other reason. We waited outside civilly and within minutes I was punched in the face 4 times and shoved back and thrown on the ground while people (local people screamed for our safety and mistreatment)Shortly after I was arrested and harresased by police. I hav been traveling for work consecutively for 3 years. Many countries I visit are far less advanced than the Netherlands and yet I have never been treated more poorly by the police (polite) than I have been in this country. I am truly disgusted with the actions of the employees of Cafe Noire in Zaandam and the local authorities. I will be investigating further