Getting your U.S. documents notarized online

Getting your U.S. documents notarized online


Waiting for an appointment at the Embassy to get your document notarized is time-consuming. Not only do you have to call and figure out which option to press to get the correct department, you have to endure the traffic, parking, and the time waiting for your name to be called. There is an easier way of getting documents that will be used in the United States notarized which is more cost-effective and time-saving – remote online notarization with Remote Notarez.

Get your U.S. documents notarized online 

Notarizations online for people around the world

Remote Notarez is a notary agency based in Virginia that specializes in notarizing U.S. documents online for individuals and companies anywhere in the world. Remote Online Notarizations (RON) allows banks, law firms, businesses and the public to remotely complete important transactions that require a notary seal with the aid of online audio and video technology.

In 2011, when Governor Bob McDonnell signed a bill into law, Virginia became the first state to allow notaries to complete notarizations on documents online for people around the world. Not all notary companies that offer remote online notaries can notarize documents for individuals outside of the U.S., and Virginia electronic notaries are among the few that can.


Time and money! Money and time! Two things that we all want to save. Like most of us, if you can do something a more efficient way to save time, that is how you most likely are going to want to do it as long as you do not lose out on quality.

Remote Notarez does it right the first time with their trained and experienced notaries on staff that will help you through the process. Their time-saving process allows you to fill out a request form where you can pick your appointment time, request to validate your identity via a link sent to your email and upload your documents. Just by doing this one simple step you have saved time! You will then be contacted by one of their professional notaries on staff, that will confirm your appointment and send you the video conference invitations. During your appointment, you will share your government issued ID and then e-sign your document(s). This typically takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Okay, I know you may be saying “you said not only can you save time, but you can save money.” Remote Notarez has some of the best prices out there. They even beat Embassy prices. Notarez charges 45 USD for the 1st notarial act, and 25 USD for each additional per person.

About Remote Notarez

Headquarters in Hampton Roads, Virginia, Remote Notarez – Hampton Roads Notary Public LLC has been serving their clients worldwide for over 5 years. They have helped individuals, and small and large companies with their notarial needs while delivering world-class customer service and a stress-free experience.

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