Get a 30% discount on your Dutch income tax return

Get a 30% discount on your Dutch income tax return

Our trusted partner, Expatax, offers a 30% discount on their fee for the 2011 Dutch income tax return, exclusively for IamExpat members, visitors and readers!

How it works
1. Download and fill in this special client questionnaire.
2. Return the questionnaire by:
 Email: info[at]expatax[dot]nl
 Post: PO Box 9310, 3506 GH Utrecht 
 Fax: +31 (0) 30 246 85 37 
3. The Expatax Team will complete your tax return as soon as possible.

 The questionnaire which you will send must contain the IamExpat logo.
 If you cannot download the questionnaire please request one through the online contact form.
 In case more info is needed, the Expatax Team will contact you.
 This discount applies only to the 2011 Dutch income tax return - not to other services or tax returns of previous years.

About Expatax
Expatax assist expats and (foreign) companies all over the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

For financial and tax advice and/or other inquiries please visit their website and/or comment below.

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