First snowfall of the winter season in the Netherlands

First snowfall of the winter season in the Netherlands

Winter has finally arrived (although the winter actually officially begins in December), and it has brought snow, wind and rain with it. I wouldn’t start rushing outside to start building that snowman or throwing lumps of snow at your best friend yet though, as the weather for the rest of this week promises rain, clouds and fog.

Snow falls in the Netherlands

Residents of Heerlen and Kerkrade, in the very south of Limburg, were treated to the first snowfall of winter on Sunday evening. The snow fell around 8.00 pm local time, however, due to warmer conditions, the snow mixed with rain. Unfortunately, this means the snow didn’t settle, so all snowball fights have been cancelled. However, this also means that the snow didn’t cause any problems with ice on the roads.

The first snowfall of the year comes around the same time as it did last year. In 2018, the Netherlands saw snowfall on November 20, in Emmen and Terr Apel. Interestingly, the last time there was snow in the Netherlands was on May 4, in Limburg. Prior to this, the last time snow fell in the Netherlands in early May, was in 1979.

Weekly forecast in the Netherlands

There is no more snow expected in the Netherlands this week. Rain and wind are forecast for today (Monday) and tomorrow, although it will get drier and warmer as the sun appears tomorrow afternoon. There is a high chance that fog will develop on Tuesday evening and persist through Wednesday morning.

The weather should stay dry for Wednesday and Thursday, with perhaps a slight chance of rain in the North, but mostly it will be overcast. Friday is likely to bring us some sun but will mostly remain overcast and there is a high chance of rain at the weekend.

Make sure you stay safe this winter season! Extremely wet or foggy conditions can be dangerous to commuters, especially if you are driving. If you can, take public transport to work and if you cycle make sure your lights are working and that your clothes are easily visible.

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