First coronavirus death in the Netherlands

First coronavirus death in the Netherlands

Coronavirus has taken its first victim in the Netherlands, an 86-year-old man who was admitted to the Ikazia Hospital in Rotterdam. At this moment in time, there are 128 cases of coronavirus in the Netherlands. One is deceased (included in the cases number).

Unknown infection source

The deceased was confirmed with coronavirus last week and was being treated in quarantine at the Ikazia Hospital in Rotterdam. Officials still don’t know how the man contracted coronavirus. His contacts (visitors and caregivers) have been listed and the hospital and Municipal Health Service (GGD) are assessing whether or not they have symptoms.

The number of people infected with coronavirus has shot up this last week. According to health officials, the sharp increase may be due to a “catch up effect”, as people who realise or believe they have the virus come forward.

How is the virus spread?

Coronavirus is spread via particles that are released when one coughs and sneezes. Symptoms include a fever and respiratory complaints like coughing or shortness of breath. Other symptoms could also be muscle pain, a headache, sore throat or confusion. If you have been in a high-risk area and develop symptoms of the virus, you should stay at home and contact your GP.

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deastman 18:06 | 6 March 2020

i am a retired nurse. i was present at the outbreak of AIDS in SF and worked with many of those patients....this is, of course, a different disease. but i believe it is being handled in this country(and the US) very poorly....for one thing, they are planning(or already are in the process) of repatriating a group of nine HUNdred college(? might be high school) students in Groningen, who were skiing in the Italy if there's an exPLOsion of cases in and around Groningen, this was because of ignorance. there is an unreported, thus far, case at LUMC(leiden). another area, though cases are just starting, to be careful in is Den fact, i would advise EVERYone to lay low, if possible, for a few not go to public places unless necessary. this disease can be spread by a cough or sneeze....and the mortality rate is NOT 3%, as they're trying to popularize. it's MUCH closer to double that/6%... please be careful and take this seriously, folks....if not for your own sake then please remember.....if you're infected then you're contagious, as well...thanks. be well...